Today, I was tempted to clear the air of the old and go with new, even that seemed to be allot for me today.  Can we just take a break already! Go Go Go and then Go again, we do so much.

What is it all for? Are we ready to be free from the cycle of work, eat, sleep? I am! Tune in or Tune out has been my model, but really no in-between.

10 steps to honor you!

Step 1-Wake up and be grateful. Look out your window and breath in the clean air with amusement, that the sky is a blessing and the trees are full of life as you are.

Step 2-Honor your body and have gratitude that it is your body and it does so much for you without you having to do much.

Step 3-Nourish your body with water in the morning to wake you body from it slumber, mid day — take a 30 min nap even if you don’t fall asleep and have a healthy snack.

Step 4-Listen to music and dance around, even if its on you way home or in traffic – look at the car next to you and ask them to dance ;).

Step 5-Stretch. Use you living space to make it you matt.

Step 6-Read a book 1 chapter a day because you can!

Step 7 – Enjoy and bath with a candle and soft sound to relax your mind — why wait for a spa when you can have one at home.

Step 8 – Get your favorite blanket and warm it before bed.

Step 9 – Prepare for the exciting new day that will be there when you wake up.

Step 10 – Close your eyes and visualize what all the stars in the galaxy may look like as you pass them in your dream and be grateful for your days journey drifting off to a sea of plentitude.

Our experience in life is what we focus on. Take the time to focus on yourself , honor thyself, be grateful for all that you are and know there is something inside of you greater than any obstacle.

WWTA: On the great YES!