We have entered into a new era. This era of practical, tactical and conscious consumerism has me thinking. Money will be a component in our lives for a long time. It will rain king until we agree on a means of service and consumption that compliments our requests to have more flexibility in our financial marketplace.

I believe I have found the golden ratio for money! Ok, well at least I’m experimenting with the prospect of the golden ratio which means flow. The flow of energy, which is currency.

From this perspective, you need no money to begin investing right here and right now. You are the creator of your world, perception and access to inner happiness that perpetrates an outward
response. What that means is what you believe you can receive. Now with DIY models, online education, access to better tools to communicated and first person connection you are the developer of your wealth.

5 Successful “inner”-vestments Steps:

  1. Define meaning in your life
  2. Find your happy place and share it with as many people as possible
  3. Create a personal access zone for others to share with you
  4. Be creative, artistic, and bright
  5. Give without expecting 

and more.

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