Does Smiling Really Help You Live Longer?

I stumbled upon JOY and HAPPINESS initiated by a bunch of silly video clips, I made out of frustration. It turns out, THAT WAS MY INSPIRATION POINT!

Do you want to know what helped me get back on track? It was PLAY! That was it!

I began to see what was stopping me. It was too much pressure and not enough connection to my core creative process and for those of you who know me well, I LIKE TO PLAY!  One of the most important reminders in personal growth is PLAYFULNESS.

In a world where we have plenty to stress about, money, career, family–somewhere along the path “play” gets put to the side. Now, I am the first to agree that staying focused on your goals and welcoming innovation can be fun, but if you are not happy, tired and run down then you are far from receiving wealth and abundance. All you will receive is a pain in your neck– literally!

  • WIll you join mine in a playful mid-day dance?
  • Will you smile all week long, just 7 days #7DAYCHALLENGE and text  “I AM SMILING to 323- 834-9537?
  • Will you agree to play daily, even for a minute at a time?



It becomes an inside joke with yourself,  which I found funny when I did this practice. It’s will keep you smiling, plus the health benefits are notable. See for yourself…

1. It boosts your immune system

While smiling, your body relaxes and so your immune system reacts more quickly and effectively against invaders. The Department of Clinical Immunology at Loma Linda University School of Medicine found that, when smiling, the serum cortisol levels (stress level) decrease and, instead, the number of white blood cells and natural killer cells increases. So if you want to fight off a nasty cold in the future, forget to go to the pharmacy. Just smile!

2. It helps you live longer

It’s not just about fighting off a runny nose. A study from London University College stated that happy, cheerful people are 35% more likely to live longer. Smiling lowers the heart rate and reduces blood pressure while relaxing your body. Researchers from Wayne State University, Michigan looked at 230 pictures of major league baseball players from 1952. They found that the biggest grinners lived to an average of 79.9 years, while their straight-faced peers reached just 72.9 years on average. Guess this was the elixir of life, all along.

3. It’s a natural beauty enhancer

They say the best make-up a woman can wear is her smile. People who smile seem more approachable and, thus, more charming to the opposite sex. A study from 1985 examined how men approached women in bars: when a woman made eye-contact she was 20% approachable while adding a smile made her 60% more accessible. It also makes you look an average of 3 years younger. The muscles we use to smile lift the face, making a person appear youthful. No more cosmetic surgeries for you.

4. It’s a natural pain killer

It has been proven that smiling is a natural drug. Researchers from Oxford University found that it can act as a pain reliever, as it releases endorphins and serotonin. Also, chuckling helps increase pain threshold. You can get high on a smile.

5. It relieves stress

Is there a deadline right around the corner or house work catching up on you? Forget about it and smile. It’s the best way to reduce stress caused by an upsetting situation. Even if you don’t feel like it, forcing a smile is still enough to lift your mood. What happens is that it sends signals to your brain and tricks it into thinking you’re actually feeling good. Also, if you don’t smile you’ll feel bad afterward. In one study people were asked to remain stony-faced after hearing someone else’s good news. They felt bad afterward and thought the other person would think worse of them as a result. Turn that frown upside down and brighten up your day!

6. It’s contagious

If you want to make someone feel better to make them smile. Or better yet, smile at them! Half of the people will send you one back. Researchers at Uppsala University conducted a study where they had volunteers look at pictures of expressionless, happy or angry faces and in return adopt one of those expressions. When they had to meet a smile with a frown or the other way around they had trouble doing so. The twitching in their faces that was measured with electronic equipment showed that they had no control over their muscles. That’s why it’s hard to be sad when the people around you are laughing or happy when everyone is depressed.

AHHH— Its feels nice to be back!

Join me tomorrow, will you?

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