If you are staying up to date with the times, then you should have noticed by now new ways to earn a living is only a computer away. With one touch of a finger and an internet connection, you can be well on your way to your next gig. Whether exchanging services, bidding for a job or crowdfunding your dream the internet has changed our lives.

Thinking back, it reminds me of the good ole’days when strolling the video store for the new release was a Friday night out. Throwing in the towel with the DVD, CD and video rental industry was the beginning of of growth of sharing, just not for large rental companies. Blockbuster, Tower Records and Kodak a new kid was growing up and was planning its take over. A new “type” of co-operation was emerging and continues to emerge in the peer-to-peer, collaborative, mesh and shared economy.

Why is a “higher level of exchange” important for our economic system?

It’s a “mesh” of meaningful experiences altering the way people spend their time, money and resources. The old GDP principles of measurement equate production and added value which calculates the growth of the economy. What about QUALITY HUMAN CAPITAL one that is gauged by our peers and life through experiences? I feel we are on the “tipping point” of a new measurement for our eco-system with social networks and social justice.

*Trust, Respect, Integrity, Freedom, Justice, Truth, Joy, Generosity, Intellectual, Awareness, Respect and so much more!

In a peer-to-peer and sharing economy the value comes from a combination of systems including product, service, wellness and personal VALUES between sharers. The more we engage in personal interaction while we share raises the quality of the experience and is the very public domain. Whether it’s Airbnb’s and its “Superhost” program or lyft’s driver survey with customer “trust technology“our standards and principles as consumers are changing. We now equally measure peer-to-peer providers with quality giving, commitment and service experience with technology. With the growth of the sharing economy, individuals are adding more of their “personal touch” to stay up with the competition. Jeremiah Owyang, Founder at Crowd Companies presented “80 million sharers in the US and 23 million UK.” These number are important when we consider a shift in our economic system, perhaps we should think of “Social Good Fair” as our currency factored into the GDP for generations to come.

What is to come in this new world we are a part of?

Here are some projects to watch for Sacred Commerce, Holonomics, Sacred Marketplace, and the Caring Economy. In the very near future,  I will be presenting the “Sharing Heals Project” a project focused on the human side of the sharing economy and it healing benefits.

April 11th,2015  9:00AM

This Kindred Quest “Spiritual Economics Panel” features the following panelists and their respective disciplines:

Immanuel Otto – Sacred Commerce
Steven Michael Ehlinger II – Holonomics
Barbara Wilder – Sacred Marketplace
Brandi Veil – Sharing Economy “Sharing Heals”
Samavesha Gayatri Devi – Caring Economy

Sharing is caring, hum it has a nice ring to it these days…
Thank you for your continued support sharing the good news! 
Brandi Veil