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About Brandi Veil

Brandi Veil is a strategist, personal and professional development coach.

Brandi’s purpose is to help create balance in her client’s life while developing a 360-degree wealth strategy with bottom-line results! She helps entrepreneurs connect with their heart through a daily practice, bulletproof action steps, goal setting and business strategy. She is a CNHP, NLP, Reiki, Matrix Energetics and a highly intuitive consultant.

Brandi is the Founder, CEO of Being Investments, Inc. a consulting company specializing in transformational products and services. Prior to her holistic venture, she was the CEO, Founder of The Event Division, an agency known for producing filming and events for Fox Searchlight, Sony, Paramount Columbia Pictures, Red Bull and celebrities, JayZ, Pink, Black Eye Peas, Steve Aoki, LeBron, Jason Mraz and many more.

Her philosophy is based on partnership culture and community development focused on strategic partnerships with social impact at the forefront. Her personal and career development programs help leaders connect to their purpose through spiritual guidance and strategy. Brandi calls it “You first strategy” as the foundation to build a successful venture. She says we are all here to do something great and with the right support, you can accomplish anything!

Her visions, insight, and intelligence are supernatural based on her level of practice and training in the field of spirituality, metaphysics, quantum, and collaborative worlds. She has presented on topics such as ancient wisdom at TEDx NY, collaborative economics at the United Nations, she is a visionary with a focus on innovation and whole systems.

Her private practice focuses on leadership and transformational product development.

* Personal Development & Career Development
* Meditation, Yoga and Energy Balancing
* Work-Life Balance Retreats
* Strategy, Visioning and Project Consulting
* Joint Venture and Partnership Aumen

* STRESS-FREE: Mindfulness in the Workplace
* SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY & SPIRITUALITY: The Converging Worlds and What it All Means
* Partnership Culture; How Brands and NPO can leverage Influencer Technology
* Social Wealth; Crypto Currency of the future!

*Women Investing in Women / State of Women Inauguration
*TEDx Women’s Conference
*United Nations (WIT) World Infomation Transfer Conference on Environment and Health
*What_if 360, Lucidity Festival on Finacial Liberation
*FestFwd on Charity Brands
*Love Your Life Weekend Ritz Carlton
*Winter Music Conference of Emerging Markets for Change
*AEG on Sustainable Event Planning
*Spirit Summit
and more…