Brandi M. Veil
Public Speaker, Event Producer, & Development Coach

As a creator of conscious events, Brandi Veil focuses on a mobile platform as a template for turning mainstream conferences and festivals into a sustainable platform for social, economic and global awareness of key issues. She believes we are at a unique juncture in the world of events spiritual and music driven and conferences to marshal those attendees into a proactive force who are committed to helping fund and find solutions for Sustainability around the globe.

Brandi Veil has committed to being a catalyst in finding solutions for cause sustainability by reaching and informing a broad audience, creating the spark and impelling people to specific actions. Through her cause marketing, promotions, and in the event planning business as well as in her innovative work in transformational events and philanthropy, she has defined a new path that will pave the way for others to

Ms. Veil has developed a unique model of combining live and online events and substantive programs targeting the much in-demand 18-35 demographic with integrated education and action steps. Fundamentally, she has recognized that it is not about competing with major music and substantive programming events worldwide but rather joining with those behind them in creating a new passion for action and pointing them down that path.

Her introduction to new systems and trade is a way to engage ambassadors using contribution of time, surveying in educational zones, and social engagement technology to establish a much-needed system for the event follow up. This new platform will reach the masses around the globe because the audience is ready for action and change and has the technological means to receive it now.

She is the co-founder of a conscious event that changed the face of Hollywood Nightlife, Grateful Fridays a series that provides “edutainment” in human development through music events while using a holistic and philanthropic base and CEO/Founder of The Event Division, Inc. an event management and location agency specializing in entertainment marketing and event production, a producer of conscious content and is an international program Secretary at Project Regenesis, an organization focused on land development for community.

Brandi’s goals for a better world are not new; they are an innovative shift in human design for a global social venture. Her structure to lie out paths and to set corporate and social goals for those who seek to
become ambassadors of sustainability are available. It is her ability to use music festivals and conferences as a connecting point to a global movement can create a shift in each event and reach all of the humanity.