A Coach With a Unique Design of Intuition


 “Change in our world begins with you.” – Brandi Veil


If you are seeking to strategize your projects, and accelerate your vision for a better world you are in the right place.

Today, Ms.Veil has inspired individuals, organizations and humanitarian groups with her teachings, lectures, and visionary projects. Her personal intuitive consulting breeds information that cultivates insight and awareness.

She has transformed the lives of influential people for over a century leading with her heart, her gift of intuition and her vision while guiding you through next steps to take action. She helps you cultivate brand positioning, corporate relationships, strengthen personal career goals, mission, vision and purpose with actionable steps for success.



Personal Development is aimed to pull out your strengths and weaknesses to identify the potential that already exists within you. In a sense, developing the self is like a spring clean. When cleaning your home, you will often go through each room, examining old memories and belongings, deciding whether you need them or not. Similarly, personal development is a way of improving one’s life by evaluating aspects of the self and putting them in order. Brandi listens to your experiences and offers guidance and support through personal development plans and strategies, for you to practice effective self-help at on your own.

Learn more about Brandi’s private practice http://healingandlifecoaching.com/