This morning I woke up and realized I had been thinking about the same thing Over and Over and Over, it caught me off guard. I realized that I had been solely responsible for an emotional tug of war through  my thoughts. Although my thoughts were inspiring at first, they had consumed my every moment for 4 days. Who, What, When, How, If, AND should I,Whoo Donkey!

After sleepless nights waking at 1 – 2am,  I decided to have a martini (of course, hello?) and write it out one night. I woke to discover the gossipers in my head were trying to tell me something NEW.

What? Did someone say, “A NEW thing for me to learn” yep! Just when you think you are finally in the flow, the UNIVERSE gives you what you ask for when really you had NO idea. Just when the “Apple” (metaphor) HIT my head and I realized — IT HURT, OUCH!

Thats the story line here! Come along for the ride for a minute..

My emotions had gotten the best of me. I remembered how good one emotion felt (bliss, excitement, joy) and had forgotten about the opposing emotions (the gossipers: doubt, fear, worry).

As I woke on the 4th day, I chanted: I am beauty, I am light, I am worthy, I am HERE + NOW. I am glorious, I am powerful, I am Strength, I am wondrous. All things come to me now; easily and effortlessly. I am creator of my life.  LIGHT BULB! Wait, I can create what ever I want!… My higher self laughed and then moved aside to let joy+peace grace me with plentitude. (ahhh, that feels nice).

The moral of this story is to RE-MEMBER — “WHO & WHAT YOU TRULY ARE” CAPABLE of having, doing and being at any given moment. The ride is fun (somewhat of a roller coaster if you ask me) its very colorful and very black and white at the same time.

You choose to paint the picture and what colors to use. Be precise in your asking… (Mom quote: “be careful for what you ask for”)..
In love and gratitude for all of you… multi-dimentenial worriers warriors, We are always and forever evolving.

BV: On present moment, grounding and well, “The asking”.