Every day I wake up and say thank you God. Everyday I wake up, and my body has tightness and hurts in different places reminding me I am human. Every day I feel there are many directions for survival and creativity and rarely do the two intersect. Every day I seek the highest intention and everyday I struggle to stay on point.

My perfect reflection of me is clear, detoxed, connected, loved, abundant and in love with all things.
In truth I judge, I hurt, and I limit myself out of fear.

Every day there is something I am confused or have questions about, so I try to uncover and dig until no end. I spend a lot of time trying to discover the bottom-line to a happy life, a peaceful journey and a loving self that cares for herself as much as she does for mankind.

It is my greatest passion to know that my life will be at easy one day. That no struggle, no pain, no hurt, no sadness, no fear will occur–just LOVE.

Today I will attempt again.

I will seek the highest intention for me, my family, my friends and my commitment to the world, because I know down deep inside Love exists everywhere. I know that love concurs all, and because I know this truth, I will carry this pain for all, especially for me.

For you by me…

Brandi Veil
aka BLove

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Healing through events and community is near and dear to my heart.

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