Here we are in the year 2015; I can say yes Life Changes! I will be at the IMPROVE this Saturday 9/26/15 with #SharingHeals insights, projections, perceptions and well it’s the IMPROV so anything can happen…

Life Change Network and Whatif…?360 are turning ideas into actions! 
Join the fun, get Evolved. 

“This is like if Kato Kaelin, Craig Frazier, Rick Overton, Filippo Voltaggio, Dinah Leffert, Mark Laisure, Matt Murrie and I, Brandi Veil all had a TRANSFORMATIONAL BABY after a workshop. WHAT?!@#@%#” ~Brandi BLove


What is What if…?360

Whatif…?360 is a community that turns ideas into action. We build experiences and platforms that bring together entrepreneurs, educators, thought leaders, and innovators from all backgrounds and practices to ask questions, discuss ideas, and solve problems. Built on the Whatif…? Flow of Dump, Discuss, Design, Whatif…? experiences provide a platfor(u)m that promotes active curiosity. READ MORE
When it comes to changes, LIFEChanges is setting new trends and ushering in a new paradigm, with experts who have either changed their lives, changed the lives of others or are changing the world in their own little or big way. READ MORE