Recently, I noticed I have been trying to build an EMPIRE with only myself after many hick-ups with partners and associates. Over time the excitement wore thin, our egos played a major roll in our productivity and our personal goals grew bigger than our group goals. We all had different agendas, which never works! So I began to do things on my own, it seemed to be easier in the beginning, but I was only swimming up stream. I started to realize that the support of others is just as important as my own hard effort.

If you are building a company, parenting, coaching, or creating mini worlds it is best to have the support of like minded people. For immediate advancement, find a mentor, elder, experienced person or group that you know can offer their advise to support you in your growth. This will not only bring power to your request, but it will give you grounding and direction as you seek your goals.

In this time on this planet, there are many of us that are questioning our goal set because many of our interests have changed. Go with what you know, seek what is in your heart, follow with your thoughts, do not waiver, be precise in your requests, so that you may manifest your reality and your souls purpose. There is much need for these unions today.

BV: On power in numbers of like mindedness.

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