CicLAvia April 6th- Join me for a day of fun, friends and community!
“When we do things because we enjoy them we encourage others to have a enjoyable life.” xx Brandi Veil
CicLAvia temporarily removes cars from L.A. streets – and the streets fill up with smiles!
CicLAvia catalyzes vibrant public spaces, active transportation and good health through car-free street events.  CicLAvia engages with people to transform our relationship with our communities and with each other.

CicLAvia makes the streets  safe for people to walk, skate, play and ride a bike. There are activities along the route. Shop owners and restaurants are encouraged to open their doors to people along the CicLAvia Read More…

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Join Me: 10AM 
900 East 1st Street LA CA 90012
To learn more about how you can get involved in Los Angeles’ CicLAvia, please contact us at or 213.355.8500