Recently I took an oath to visit New York, no plans, no work, no reason, just to be in the middle of it all. Actually I felt like I was being called there. I originally thought it was to visit with friends, but that quickly changed and I kept my plans and came to NY.

While, it all seemed very exciting there was a part of me that felt very uncertain. So I decided to make an agreement with myself to go and be in the moment and what ever happens happens. As a part of that experience I was very PRESENT, identifying what was perfect and on time for me now and what was ABSOLUTELY NOT perfect and very much not on time for my life at this point.

It allowed myself to reflect the things I want in my life and the things that just don’t suit me anymore. And might I say, NY is one of the HARDEST places to be PRESENT. HOLY COW! These people are crazy.. lol

“Shall we continue to create the present moment right after each moment hath passed allowing us to appreciate deeper, longer and harder than ever before. Being so present, we can be without the attachment of the end result without the labels and without projecting fear from past experiences. May the time come that we all treat each as “One” and view the “One-another” as a reflection of thyself, enabling LOVE to penetrate sowing the atmosphere with volumes of  beauty.”

BV: On accepting all things in the PRESENT MOMENT
BHere+NOW BLove