A state of mind in practice is a state of mind in learning. Flow is a non-practice state of mind. In a liner sense we are always in flow and the learning is un-natural. 
We learn from a practice. 
Riddle me this Luther…
In other words, be patient with yourself and understand your natural state of being is not so natural and be easy on yourself. We make mis-takes because we are always learning, life is a BIG FAT training ground. If we get out of the way and allow flow to happen your true-self will guide your path. I always find it funny when I stop doing so much and things fall in order. …ahahhah. Jokes on me! 
The cosmic joke, what we think we are doing is our undoing. LET IT GO ALREADY… 
Exercise this Practice:
For 1 week every morning, PRACTICE saying this statement: 
All is working for my better good. I receive this now!   
Hold you hands to your heart and say:
 Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!
Why do this? 
What you are doing is creating vibrational patterns that send frequencies from the body to attract like frequencies “WAVE frequencies” (same as your cell phone sends out while your on the phone). These frequencies transmit like frequencies. Most people will call the Law of Attraction, I call it intentional signaling. 
When you are grateful your energetic body is putting out a vibration that looks for like signals. When you say THANK YOU, you are acknowledging you have received some-thing and the NATUAL flow begins to gush forth with “YOU ARE RECEIVING”.
Why are you still reading this.. G O Practice! GET READY.. THIS STUFF WORKS.. Start HERE NOW!  
With love and gratitude.. Know you count! Thank you..
BV: On Flow and the human experience