Do you ever hurt down deep inside, get sad or angry over something from the past? Of course, you do, if you didn’t, I would suggest checking your pulse.

When you revisit your actual problems in real time, by closing your eyes and going back to that very moment and seeing and feeling exactly what happen, is it the same? When you move away further and further from the problem looking at it from a distance while still observing it, is it the same? Can you pull so far away from the problem while looking at it, that it disappears leaving you with only the memories without an emotional charge? If not, then try it again or call me to help you.


Now that you are ready to revisit a problem that has lingered for a long time, perhaps from your childhood or a past relationship upset begin this exercise.

  • Close your eyes, take a breath in and fly above the time that you experienced the issue.
  • Next, view the issue from above and fly down into the story just like it was happening right now today. Observe it, feel it, smell it, touch it.
  • When you are ready and feel you are ok, fly away looking back at it as you fly off into the distance until you no longer can see the event.

Is the hurt less when you think about the issue now?

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