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Estimated Practice Time: 15 Mins.
When you wake, up make an effort to go into meditation.
Lay on your back or in a seating position.
Begin at your feet, notice your feet.
Scan your body moving upwards from the feet in a “laser-like” form lighting up your body, inch by inch.
Slowly move upwards toward your knees. 
Notice any thought forms that come up while scanning your body. These thoughts are energy holds, blocks or cords that are stuck. Release these “cords” of leaking energy.
Honor the thoughts “cords” as real, place them on the outside of your body– I like to use “imaginary clipboard” for my thoughts.
Breath in and out slowly releasing the thoughts onto the board. (you can come back to them if you like or you can let them go.)
Move the laser of light slowly in and out scanning your body, waking the cells up–saying hello, nourishing the skin, giving energy and life force to the body.
As you come to the top of your head, visualize a golden white light beaming from the center of your head with an opening for more light to come from the sun, charging your body with more life.
Move the golden white light down into the top of your head called the crown.
Allow this light to penetrate your crown,
your throat,
your heart,
your stomach,
your lower abdomen (below the navel),
your root, below the tailbone
and out of the body and into the Earth’s core anchoring you to the energy of the planet harmonizing your body with the Earth’s energy.
This practice is for foundation building, grounding and charging your body, preparing you for the day. 
The human body energy output that you create by using this technique will attract others in the same frequency- energized, balanced, grounded and open.
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