Sometimes, meditaing or being still can be a challenge. Here is a practice to get you started.. Simple guidelines to help you activate your body.
Give yourself 15 minutes each morning and/or night to scan your body and go into meditation or prayer. Meditation is different from prayer. Prayer is often thankful but most of the time ASKING for something. 
Meditation is about releasing thoughts from your body temple so that vibrational order in your body can realign. For example: scanning the body, start at your toes on both feet. Mentally use your brain power to feel the toes, move your thoughts of what that piece of the body must look like. Envision the cells exploding with happiness that they are finally getting attention one-by-one. Move up the body left to right scanning with laser precision. One layer at a time. 
When scanning if you find an area that speaks to you or you feel you want to stop, open your mind and and ask “what is this?” When a thought pops in or the 1st thing comes to mind, acknowledge it and honor that it exists and then place that thought on an imaginary clipboard outside your body, then continue scanning. Once you get through the entire body, visualize the whole body dissolving into the bed or the room. Now lay there. . .You may fall asleep. You may relax. You do not have to do anything in this space. JUST BE. 
When you feel complete. Place your hands on your heart, and say THANK YOU 9 times, knowing that all is well and that EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING is in perfect order. On your last THANK YOU, release the hands from the heart and extend the hands as if you are gifting someone something and visualize giving the planet your love and honor.
In perfect, peace and love~WWTA.8.-0-.102711
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