New developments in society make absolute sense. They are very real and relevant to our current points of view. Death, destruction, stocks, finance, bank robbers (WELL, I DO LIVE IN LA, and “LIKE”, “TOTALLY” a movie scene in my backyard – NO REALLY!).

These are very very relevant story lines.  But… walk with me for a split second… let’s just say if one day you were listening to the TV and you heard a young girl was abducted and found in a back alley but, there was nothing you could do except feel sorry or remorse for the family. How disabling is that story? Why do we need to participate in these emotional guided lower frequencies?


Have you ever wondered why the news only reports the bad? Why not empower the consumer and give growth and knowledge to the thinker?

Let’s choose to create and new experience, want to participate in that you wish to achieve. Feel that perspective and attach an emotion to it, decide to visit that often feeling until it becomes a reality. We have the right and the capacity to see past the material world through our vision and illusion; there are NO limitations.  If we can co-create a new reality while experience the current reality, we may then choose to have a life that is highly evolved. By choosing to create your experience you may also choose a better world, a New Earth and greater place for all.

We are no longer controlled; we have a choice. Stretch your imagination, go where the streets are golden and the pearly gates welcome you. Go in the mind of God and experience the joy and oneness. Enter into Heaven on Earth and see what is waiting for you. Heaven is at hand now.

Centered in a place of discovery optimizing illusion, transcending all realities. BV: On Potential

MANTRA, PRAYER, WILL-FULL THINKING: I call all mentioned thoughts into right action by the reading of this blog!