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I believe I have found the golden ratio for money! Ok, well at least I’m experimenting with the prospect of the golden ratio which means flow. The flow of energy, which is currency.

I have invited guests to speak about sharing as a healing aspect in our society. Healing is a term that is very personal and ultimately experienced when the request of healing is activated. So, I put my mind, my friends, and my access to work. I began building a platform of communication and NOW—others are accessing their creativity using tactical, practical use applications such as #LearnAirbnb and #Coral.Life.

When I met Jim Breese, Founder of @LearnAirbnb immediately, I knew he would understand my mission. LearnAirbnb helps hosts aim for a Five Star experience by teaching them accounting measures, shopping, greeting and more through tutorials online. I was then introduced to Andrew Carlone, CEO is an interactive guidebook that helps guests get to know the homes in and outs, local shops, and entertainment. I can say as a guest and a host both are crucial.

Ironically enough, when I started this journey of understanding sharing and alternative ways to connect and earn an income I had visions for both of these applications for users. Which means from a visionaries perspective we are RIGHT ON TRACK!

A conversation about “inner”-vesting would not be complete unless I had the investment advisor be a part of our discussion. Ali Shanti aka Alexis Neely  women, grounded in her knowledge of investment and wealth management with a bold statement of “Being afraid and doing it anyway!” She sheds light on the important of investing in a community as a whole system for future returns.

From this perspective, you need no money to begin investing right here and right now. You are the creator of your world, perception and access to inner happiness that perpetrates an outward inner ward underlying response. What that means is what you believe you can receive. Now with DIY models, online #education, access to better tools to communicated and first person connection you are the developer of your wealth. In this article 5 Steps to “Inner”-vesting, you can start investing today!

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