I had the honor to support FutureReadyNow in Los Angeles recently. Check out the video I am featured in below.
It’s a funny story about how FutureReadyNow came about. In all honesty, I manifested them. I woke early one morning on a Saturday with a buzz going on in my mind about a conference. I didn’t know what conference I only thought I needed to to go online and look for an “event” that would help answer the questions going on in my head. My questions were, “where are we headed as a population? There is no small answer to that question, but of course instead of a complex answer my guides presented to me this event #FutureReadyNow. The invite lit up my screen, popping off the page. 
The invite came through Tribal Convergence Network, a network gear towards visionaries and people weaving ideas and concepts into established real life live-serve-work experiences. That’s when I knew, FutureReadyNow was the event my guides led me too. I emailed the website and got a response within minutes from co-founder and producer Tirza Hollenhorst. It was like meeting my sister for the first time. We both produce events, we both are mom’s, we both care about the world and are DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I was blessed with a sponsorship after an hour conversation, and I was off to the event.  I met the most in-tune people, doing BIG idea type works, was able to present my vision for a balanced world and have a group brainstorm the concept that same day with a potential outcome. 
What does the world look like in 20 years? 
So, my gut feeling was my intuition; I called it my guide(s) leading me to answer my question about, “where are we headed as a population?”
I can tell you things aren’t what you think they are. Check out the post called, “where are we headed as a population?”
Thank you for your support, share this with your friends. And if you are ready to be focused and part of the solution contact me. Let’s see how you fit into the puzzle of FutureReadyNow wonderment!