Let’s say you wake up in the morning and you have a great idea. That idea sits with you over days, months and even years. What if you were to activate the idea right when you had it? Are you ready to activate your life purpose?

People who have a purpose in life, live longer. According to this study, Department of Psychology, Carleton University Having a purpose in life has been cited consistently as an indicator of healthy aging for several reasons, including its potential for reducing mortality risk.

I believe the challenge today for leaders, visionaries and people with big ideas is that they don’t trust the process as purposeful. There is a process of evolution, change, and growth. It is all part of the big picture. You may be a producer, healer or CEO of a company with a bigger vision one directed toward your passion, but you feel challenge with all the noise and routine of the daily grind. I’m here to remind you, your dream will not happen unless you invest time, money, resources and commit to a goal. That’s Right, “a” goal. Mini breakthrough moments to feel excited about your movement towards the greater picture.
So, how can you begin living your purpose driven life, RIGHT NOW?

Quiet Your Mind: Listen to your heart’s desire. Meditate, pray, speak to your higher mind and ask “What is my souls desire?”

Set a Goal: Not ten. Only one focus at a time. Mini breakthroughs are better than no breakthrough at all. Plus, when you reach your goal you will set a new one, closer to the final destination.

Strategy: Design your road map. How will you get there from here. 

Desire: Find out what make you light up inside and use that feeling to move the vision forward.

Action: Look at what you are or are not doing and shift into action of doing.

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+Brandi Veil