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This Kindred Quest “Spiritual Economics Panel” at Lucid University features the following panelists and their respective disciplines:

Come explore what the co-creative movement of spiritual economics and what its various expressions mean for us all.

A message from Brandi Veil…
I am excited to share personal insights about healing through sharing and a higher level of exchange to the public. Thank you for your repost on this subject matter. The “Sharing Heals” Project has been a subject of mine since I began my focus on sharing, now it’s time for the big reveal. Stay tuned, especially if you are a sharing economy business, you want to know whats happening from the wellness prospective. You can find more of the inner workings or “weaving of cultures” by following me and my colleagues conversations.

“Sharing saves people time, money and aggravation. But what really greases the wheels of this fast-growing economy is TRUST; it’s what allows someone to take a ride from a stranger or rent a room in a house from someone they’ve never met. “- Forbes Mag.

Previously recorded – “Sharing is changing our world! BV 
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