Random Acts of Kindness

Can we gift without expecting something in return?  I think we already have..

We co-create our reality with the energy in which we put out. If we are negative with our words, actions, disbelief’s, judgements then we create that in our lives. It is true that for some of us it just our nature. Or is it?

Definition:  Human Nature is the fundamental dispositions and traits of humans. 

If we observe the patterns in ones life, we can see a distinct characteristics that builds the fundamental disposition and trait. We can conclude that where there are challenges, there are patterns that systematically react. If we change that pattern, even by simply pausing before reacting then a new pattern will occur. 

For example: You go to Starbucks every morning. You see the same people and the same cars and then you start your day, except there is this one person who always agitates you in some way. Perhaps they take your parking space or they don’t open the door for you as you walk in behind them. One day you decide not to get upset with them but you offer to buy their coffee and you ask their name. 

What has occurred is you have interrupted the pattern of energy in time, space and reality.You have installed a field of positive energy by neutralizing the negative to a more balanced tone. That felid, over time, will grow in you and in that person. It may not be immediate, but that field of energy is carried in waves penetrating the atmosphere and carrying over to the next person.

This type of practice referred to as “kindness” carries on. You have heard the quote ” Random acts of kindness”. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KindnessShare Kindness is the act or the state of being kind, being marked by good and charitable behavior, pleasant disposition, and concern for others.

What if we cannot see what is truly happening when two individuals act in a gifting “kind” way. Lets take a look further shall we… 

Lets compare radio waves to human energy waves. Radio waves emit and transmit sound wave frequencies. We cannot see sound waves but they travel beyond space and time allowing us to hear them to enjoy our favorite song. The waves of “kindness”  can travel without us seeing the result physically but that does not mean it does not exist or have a life that can carry on and on. Meaning, today you change a pattern and you create a random act of kindness allowing for that field to grow with the potential to then come back to you. 


When we “gift” without expectation there is something that is created in us that will continue to grow. You are the one who can change the patterns. Be open to your magic, be an observer, co-create the world you want to live in, be in service to one another, love unconditionally, be aware of your surroundings and gift from your heart the love that is inextinguishableAnd if all else fails and you have nothing to give, maybe thats the day the door gets opened for you or someone buys you a coffee. 

I say these words to you .. 
“You are perfection in all your imperfection, that love is fully activating on all levels, we just need to tune in to it.” 
Thank you for being the torch– now pass it on.

Brandi Veil aka BLove
“Speacher” (Speaker-Teacher-Preacher)

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