Reality is a reflection of you.

Take the time to realize you have constructed the occurrence in your realm. It is your projection that creates reality. If you perceive something to be a certain way, than it is that way. If you want to change something, simply change your perception. You may even want to recreate the perfect scenario in your mind to create the ideal situation.
For example:
Your at the DMV (yep, not so fun) and the irritated women behind the desk gets snappy with you and you respond back the way you perceived her, but then realize, “wait this is my reality,” and respond with “I like your long artificial nails, where did you get them done?”
The outcome of that example may have changed your experience and you might have change the lady at the DMVs day as well as the next person’s in line.
Be the change you want to see others.
BV: on creating the perfect reality