I was walking to my car after a long day of marketing, promotion, meetings, contracts and setting up for an event at our event space, LHT Loft and I realized how quickly PEACE, BlISS and OM go away when your focused on other things. Then I recalled a client asked me in a session, “How can you have both a loving spiritual connection and a workplace that does not subscribe to this type of nature? How can you be at peace when you work the majority of the time”. Of course, at that time it was easy to answer because the candles were lit, the smell of aromatherapy was in the air, we were both beaming from the energetics session so I simply responded ” You must do the practice. Meditation, present moment observation, listen to others when they speak, allow things to be what they are and ask for guidance”. My realizing of the conversation today was a reminder of how delicate energy is. The formless is in all things, lives in even the most uncomfortable moments of pain and suffering. It is all things. So really, its where you place your attention that changes your experience. At the end of the day, my take away was–there is NO CHANCE a busy Blove will place priority over praise. So now, what it looks like is in the hard times and crunched hours, where my head is spinning, and my excitement has warned down that I call upon the highest of all high and remember my service and why I am doing it. It’s my strength and my wisdom in gratitude where I shine the most light.  BV:On learning every day to surrender and remembering the practice

Tips to keep a balanced and connected practice:

  • Meditation
  • Present moment observation
  • Listen to others when they speak
  • Allow things to be what they are 
  • Ask for guidance
GREAT NEWS: Events Coming Up!
In service,
Brandi Veil aka Blove