“Today’s market is not only based on the GDP, its a shared value including wellbeing.” Brandi M.Veil

Wow, wow wow!! I am proud to say that the City of Santa Monica, CA is one of the first ever to take on the efforts of creating “local wellbeing index” in the Wellbeing Project. Yeah… for health and wellness!!

I found this article written by Jessica Leber, Fast Coexist’s editor, she states:

“The city, population 90,000, created its first “Youth Wellbeing Report Card” released in late 2012, and from there thought about expanding the idea of well-being to the whole city. In March 2013, they were one of five cities to win funding in Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge for an expanded Wellbeing Project, the first attempt to develop a “holistic” single metric for mayors to measure overall well-being…”Read More.

As a healer, transformational festival ambassador and impact consultant, I monitor health, happiness and prosperity in a community to greater understand the concerns of people in their local environment. Once we understand what makes us happy, then we can use this data to enhance the level of “good” consumer markets, community development, education, health care and so on. For so long it was not about us– now we matter. Why do we matter? I believe that the shared space of transparency through technology has driven us to have a voice. By having a voice, we can co-create the life that is meant to prosper.

I believe we are in the time of the people, a social movement that will affect the rest of the world.
Here is a fun find to read up on that includes the Economics of Wellbeing Wellbeing Research Whitepaper

Remember, you are a part of the whole and everything you do creates something. Have a blessed up day by sharing this message of change.

Are you proud of your community? Tell me where you see change happening in your comments of this blog.

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