TOPIC: Shared Economy
FOCUS: CommunityBuilding and Making $
TITLE: WILL WORK FOR FOOD (or a ride to the club;-)

We can heal each other through sharing.
WE Create Change with our sharing.
WE Manifest our Reality by feeling GOOD When WE GIVE!

Something is happening… I see it, I know it’s happening!!! I knew it! The GIFT ECONOMY IS HERE!!!!!! Yea… 

While we sit back listening to the news on death and distraction the internet is teaching us something different.  It’s teaching us how we can use our resources, our time and our established system to change the economy into a more empathic, unified and communal experience. While giving us the opportunity to earn, learn and give back to community.
Over the last year I have been writing a book based on the Gift Economy. I first picked up this crazy idea in 2011 after going to “THE BURN”. BurningMan is an annual event that has established a co-creative, co-operative, volunteer and a gifting economy, a no cash exchange for 10days in Aug. The act of giving from my experience is much more than an exchange of cash or donation to one another, it is a personal agreement to support the effort of keeping energy flowing without attachment and fear of not having.
I have over the last year been watching the “Gift” aka “SHARED ECONOMY” popping up around us. I decided that if I was going to talk about it and share these ideas then I must test it out. It has been AWESOME and financially rewarding!
Over 1year ago I listed my property on and have had 100% positive experience. I get to share a room(s) or rent the entire house and I get to set the price. I have met people all over the world who share their stories and have left many gifts for me and the house along the way. I found that the types of people that are booking on a communal site are extremely honest people and are the ones who care for your home as if it were their own. Another more recent find is a ride share that is donation based taxi service ran by independent people wanting to give rides to earn extra $. It’s communal SUPER FUN and THEY HAVE A PINK MUSTACHE on the front of the car. I was offered water and a candy snack!  (You don’t get that at yellow taxi.) Most recently, I came across 

“The sharing economy is helping us pay the bills, work flexible hours, meet new people or spend more time with our families. We think it’s how the 21st century economy should work, so we’re coming together to grow, mainstream and protect the sharing economy.”

I am sharing this with you today because I hope you can find the time to try something different, something that makes you feel good. In turn, you have better health, a stronger since of community and networks. Not everyone wants to be a volunteer in the since of CHARITY.. I think all of us want to feel special and cared for and if that is giving to your neighbor or giving of your time to try a new type of exchange then CHANGE is upon us.

The goal is not to blame others i.e. corporations etc. for controlling our economy, no–instead let’s use each other to pick where we spend our time and money. When we choose to buy products and engage in services that are not the best for the world we support that. So, lets support each other by sharing locally to act globally. We all have extra things that are laying around we can share, donate or even do yard sale that you just give things away for free to those who need it. A clean home is a HAPPY home, thats what I say!
“Vibrationally, when you give the energetic body awakens to the limitless supply of good. On a subconscious level you are sending out signals that you are abundant.” ~BLove
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Brandi M. Veil,
Healer,Producer,Consultant & Public Speaker

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