Can Sharing Heal? 

Will you join me for a call online Thursday at 7PM PST? 
You are the missing piece to this community project.
If you had a transformational experience through sharing, sharing your hurt, love, skills, car, house, wisdom …please call in. If you have ever felt more connected to another person through sharing, your story is important and I would like to hear from you.

If you have insights or questions on the #sharingheals project your presence is also requested.

Let’s build this project together.
Otherwise, the project is nothing without you…

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This is an informal “meeting of the minds”.

Brandi Veil 
Promoting Wisdom Through Engagement

I believe in Brandi’s mission to heal through sharing.

I want to receive the personal coach 
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About Brandi 

Brandi is a wellness coach, public speaker and visionary raising awareness of the healing and transformation in the sharing economy. She is also a event producer with over a decade of experience in entertainment, corporate and grassroots marketing. Her vision for a more self aware world began by observing festival culture and community building strategies including self sustaining eco systems and pop-up cultures that work. She left her position as CEO of an event marketing agency to discover more about transformational, sharing, gift and caring economies. Her goal is to inform large audiences on how to connect on a deeper level and be rewarded for it. Her passion for storytelling and the healing arts has led her to publishing a book called “Sharing Heals”, a collaborative book about transformational experiences in the sharing economy. She believes that the economy of sharing is reaching a “tipping point” and deserves to be communicated for future transformation in our world.