I was looking for stories on the healing effects of sharing and how the #sharingeconomy is more than an alternative currency. My guess is that because of the new economy and new types of communities popping up everywhere, people are becoming more connected. These connections are not by accident, it is yet another system that is trying to balance itself in our world. From my perspective, the connections and people renting real property from real individuals creates a type of vulnerability. Although the existing estimates for the size of the revenues generated
by the sharing economy range between $110-$530 billion, my focus is the effects on the human psyche as a result of the sharing economy. What is happening to our world as a result and how are we measuring this? 

Sharing our personal story, our trials, our hurt, our joy or excitement what ever it maybe, it’s sharing that connects us and is universal. We all have the freedom to share but do we and if we don’t why don’t we? It’s this basic principal that intrigues me about our society and the collaborative system. It’s not new, trade and barter have always been there it’s the technology that is enabling the global exchange possible which is leading to a global shift in consciousness. I would like to create a social experiment where people tell there stories about sharing starting with #sharingheals. Your personal stories are important and they make a difference in the world. If your interested please email me your story by visiting my site. We all have our story. Whats yours?

Now for my ASK…

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Brandi M. Veil
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