Code of Awesomeness:
I dare to dream big
I evolve through learning
I am positive & passionate
I practice transparency & candor
I help others rock their greatest lives
I turn customers into raving fans
I am grateful & I celebrate life
I kick serious ass
I am a money magnet
I honor my words with action
I did not write the above affirmation, but I was inspired by it.
If you run a company or you are an entrepreneur,visionary, creator, artist, musician, parent or god of your world may the tenor of the heart lead you into greater pastures so that others may follow. Quite your mind and listen to the sound of beauty speaking to your soul giving guidance and direction. When you find yourself at the fork of the road and a decision must be made, know that is the universe guiding you to greatness. The “KEY” is choose your path without attachment to outcome. Allow the uncertainty reign with gratitude and wait, be an observer in time as time has no relevance in the heart. Be the guide to others. Help and be helped.
Go into your week with THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, in your heart as soon as you wake to begin you next breath and see what comes of your vibrational pull.
With love and gratitude, joy and wisdom, peace and honor – FOLLOW YOUR BLISS.
BV/BLove: on Awareness