I want to share this touching text message, that came through the other day after Monday Mantras. This is a friend I have to know for over 10years.

Before you read this, know that not everyone finds meditation easy. You may be that person. If so, read this. Monday Mantras work and they can work for you too!

via text message:

“Love you so much. It’s very eerie. I wonder how many people tell you this and/or have the same connection. Of course, I believe ours is special, but I have to imagine you have many “special” relationships. And now for my story…

I have been trying hard to “meditate” as of lately. I had made a commitment to find 15 minutes a day for one month straight. I say “meditate” because I am just trying to quiet my brain and so I attempt to spend 5 minutes or so a couple times a day in quiet, just focused on breathing. I am a week into it and it has been going fairly well. I occasionally use an audio to get me through some longer periods of “quiet.” So I was very much looking forward to using your Monday Mantra this week, to do the same. Well, Monday’s are not great for me to do too much personal stuff. It’s the only day I have an assistant. So I really crunch Monday to try and get as much done and make the rest of my week easier. Yesterday was not too productive. I felt sort of lack of inspiration.

I am extremely tasked list oriented. I can’t do anything without a list. So today I got a late start on my day. I actually had not made a list. I always do it the night before. I was procrastinating. I have some tasks I don’t feel like doing. So prior to getting anything done I am walking my dogs and I am thinking about how unfocused I feel and how I am stressed about money at the moment. I was bitching to myself about being burnt out and just making excuses in my head. So I come back home and I sit down for my 5 minutes of quiet. As I finish- again most likely to procrastinate- I decide I want to continue, and I remember I had not listened to Monday Mantra yet. So I turn it on. And low and behold what’s today’s topic…. “focus and task lists.” So I continue my breathing. And listening – (honestly I have to listen and not watch too much. Reason being, I always find myself blown away by how beautiful you are and thinking about how it stems from inside and just explodes outward- bee distracting- I digress). And I begin to focus. And I am finding peace. As I finish and wrap up. I begin to write you this text. My initial intention was just to tell you I love you. And thank you for doing what you do- which is for everyone and not me specifically. Though I recognize there is a big picture, it is still a very generous thing you do with your time and energy. 


{BELOW IS THE GOLDEN KEY FROM THE MANTRAS. Generally, no waiting time!}


Well while writing this-  #1- I get a confirmation for a very good size event. #2- I get an email from a potential client I hadn’t heard from since November about making sure their date for July was still on hold. #3- Confirmation for another good size event asking for the contract.  This all within 12 minutes. 

And so I thank you, on top of thanking you. And I speak your praise to whomever I can. I hope your day and week are beautiful. And I hope to see you soon.

Adam M.


Are you a believer yet?

Below is the Mantra for Ultimate Focus Adam was talking about! Watch it, leave your comment and share with your friends.

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Monday Mantra: For Ultimate Improvement in Focus & Concentration

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