There are many ways to start a chapter in your book of life. Not to say I am an expert but I can say I have tons of experience. lol

The more I grow I tune into my life purpose, I am finding gradual shifts that occur. I also find that if I keep myself “wondering whats next” thats all I continue to do. When I quite my mind, shut my eyes and feel the words “If I can have, be or become anything RIGHT NOW I would be…”
and then I dream off into this paradise of love, gratitude, happiness, passion, clear, outrageous world, of course with my hair slicked back in a pony, DG black sun glasses, Alice & Olivia black power suit, getting into my black porsche with my gucci bag headed out to concur what I know as the world (WHAT? Its all part of me 🙂 So 2009
Its thoughts like these that inspire me and reflect the goddess in me that wants to LIVE and shout out loud THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU God, heavily princess, universe of all things Right here and right now. When I do that, I think of ALL of you and how we all have this as a portion of our existence and to be able to tap into that at any given moment is a blessing.
The reason why I am sharing this is because what I will be sharing over time is a journey of how we are all connected. But If I started with that you would think, “Whats she smoke-n”. *I know who makes the comments on my Facebook when I get deep. So well start out slow; IN THE BEGINNING WHEN GOD CREATED… j/k
Until next time, walk before you run, remember to tie your laces & it’s ok if you trip, you made the effort to experience a new path.
Peace & Blessings