As we journey forward with self employment, may we feel we know ourself unconditionally and are inherently safe regardless of our client numbers, bank balance or our number of Facebook likes. May we be brave concurring the pesky pull to stay small, hidden or invisible. May we get focused on what we most love to do, with who we most love to do it and let others deal with the rest. copy credited to You Inspire Me by Corrina Gordon-Barnes

This video came at the perfect time! I was sitting with a dear friend watching them struggle over what to do with their life and this wonderful video appeared to me. This happens often where clients of mine are distracted, need more focus and are confused about their career paths, love life or personal awaking. I have witnessed many people, including myself go through the questions of who am I and what is my purpose while having to run a company, faced with their only means to financial stability. It can be challenging as a self employed person or even a CEO, Director or anyone who is responsible for self management being faced with a shift in career paths.

I wish for you today to be inspired by this video. So you can spend your free time focused on your friends and family while knowing all is well and your completely needed right where you are in your work.

Forward this to those you think need to hear these words today. If your interested in speaking to me about becoming more grounded in your path click here.

Many blessing!

Brandi Veil aka Blove
Consulting, Healing and Life Coaching