Unforeseen Event = Perfect IMPROV!
Recently I experienced a great deal of joy, joy that came from being unprepared. I normally would rehearse, before a presentation, with IMPROV its about receiving and delivering an authentic experience.
Life has unexpected moments, its what you do with them that counts!
What a great opportunity to experience an awaking of the mind over matter. We have heard of mind over matter, right? What I witnessed was information flooding my mind over what would I speak about and would the audience understand me? Turns out my presentation was clear, helpful and well received. 
IMPROV- MENT is the act of improving any situation in the moment!
Comedian and Actress, @DinahLeffert speaks of the word “and” as a tool for personal growth. 
For example, let’s take home sharing, sometimes you may enter into a conversation where the person is not as open to a conversation as you are. You can notice the tone of the conversation and make the conversation more engaging, fun and actionable by using combination patterns of words such as “and” to build a rapport.

A guest or person says, “I like your home. You respond thank you “and,” how was your trip?

“Not everyone is ready for personal interaction. If you try to connect on a deeper level you may change your life and make a few friends along the way.” Brandi Veil

Life gives us opportunities all the time to connect with one another. Let’s explore together on Sharing Heals just how easy it can be.

Sharing Heals Ep.6 “IMPROV-MENT”

Sharing Heals will explore IMPROV-MENT moments and how sharing personal stories, laughter and how to deal with difficult situations can be fun. 

Life can present IMPROV moments, moments where things unwillingly happen and are unexplainable. What do you do? Can you prepare for that a head of time? 

Join thought leaders, healers, comedians, and sharing advocates…

Mark Laisure – Speaker/Co-Host​ www.lifechangesnetwork.com
Dinah Leffert​, Stand-Up Comedian and Actress 
Filippo Voltaggio​, www.lifechangesnetwork.com 


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