Why do we express ourselves online with silly yet inspiring words, free of charge? Why do we gather for the mere fact of gathering with our loved ones and mostly why do we keep on seeking what is already there?  Questions that may never be answered.. but I’ll try. 🙂
.. Trust, Safety and Compassion. When these things go missing we continue to seek or to create new experiences that will provide, “Trust, Safety and Compassion.” Remember the first time you were held or the first approval from someone that said “I am here for you”. This feeling is often not reciprocated in our society or even in our homes, yet its the one thing we keep on searching for. 
AND NOw..The golden nugget I gift to you.. wait for it.. 
“Seek ye first the kingdom and its righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”… (song I sang in church while I was growing up, thank you mom.) AHHH the divine present! You have no where to go but within for a unlimited supply of “Trust, Safety and Compassion.”
Steps to help you achieve these goals: 

-Close your eyes
-Focus on your breath
-Place all the i-deas that do not serve you on an imaginary clip board outside your body/mind
-Be in complete gratitude for you
-Love you
-Laugh at you
-Honor you
-Gift that experience in your mind to the world or a love one you would like to connect to in perfect health and love
-Close with the knowing you ARE being held, you are in a sea of love and it feels goooooood! 

In love & light,