What is your life purpose? 
Tools below to help you define your purpose.

Electric Dance Music (EDM) has been an avenue and focus for me to assist in healing the world. Over the last year, I have set out to share this knowledge with influential people in the industry to open conversations on how we can use the power of philanthropy and music to move the audience to a greater purpose. These last two months have been music-ah-amazing! Ultra Festival, Winter Music Conference (WMC), Ultra Festival week 2, Coachella, Lucidity, International Music Summit (IMS) and now Cannes Film Festival!

Cannes Film Festival- YES WE CANNES! 

Two weeks ago I was speaking to a friend where I was reminiscing on the beauty of France and how I would like to go there soon. There was no strategic plan to go I just asked out loud. I speak about France often because it holds a dear space in my heart. In 2008, I took a solo trip on self discovery after and life changing event. Upon my discovery, I found a piece of my soul, not only did I find my ancestors were from the Province France, but how it would feel to have freedom once again.

In two weeks time, the phone call came in, “Brandi would you like to help in Cannes for our events.”Cannes, Monaco and Nice, film, glamour and an International Hollywood experience. Not only was I am part of many prestigious events like Harvey Weinstein private dinner, Jackie Chan, Paris Hilton, Haden Fox, LMFAO, Mark Ronson, Diplo and Jerry Lewis just to name a few, but we were the hottest ticket in the Cannes, and I would be staying on a magnificent yacht! Talk about manifesting!!

Now for most it may seem SUPER GLAMOROUS all the travels and excitement. For me,  it’s a constant reflection on how it all ties together for my life purpose. Each step of the way, I must listen to my inner guidance directing traffic with these types of opportunities. I listen to my intuition and connect the moving parts of my vision while nurturing new and old relationships that will assist in the mission. There is a process to staying on your path, allowing for others to help you are a good start which allows  doors to open easier.

When I am asked to participate in any venture, I have learned I must feel into my emotions, check in with my higher guidance and ask who is this serving, and most important letting go of any pretense or that it’s a coincidence . These elements are key elements to manifesting.

Ultimately, at some point most people will ask, 

I did this almost a year ago, when I had come to my wits end with an overload of information and no goal. Since then it has been a whirl wind of experience. I will add since I asked for guidance and to have a clear understanding, I have been divinely guided each step of the way. It feels great to know my purpose with a mission attached so I can experience life and assist in changing our world for the better.

(Of course we create our worlds, I just happen to like parties–PARTY WITH A PURPOSE has a new meaning for me over the last few years!)

Do you know your life purpose yet? Here are a few tools to help guide you to your life purpose.

1) Ask what your purpose is-just state it.
*Connect with your higher self in your heart God, angels, or your light guides who you serve, say out loud or in your minds eye “What is my purpose here on Earth?”

2) Still your mind by taking in a deep breath and letting all thoughts go

3) Pay attention to what comes to mind first. You may see images, memories, places or have a feeling

4) Pay attention to your feelings about what comes to mind.

5) Go back and ask,”How can I serve this?” or if the image is unclear ask for a more clear image.

It is important to remember, when you are asking be CLEAR WITH YOUR WORDS.

For Example: “What can I do for you God?” is a BIG question and may require a lot of time to get to your PURPOSE. I found when I ask very specific questions I get a quicker image, then I ask about the image and so on until I feel at peace or excited. This may take a little time, but it works. It really works.
End Quote:
“As we journey into the unknown, seeking guidance from our higher self may we know that all is perfectly planned and supported by the collective consciousness guiding us towards the greatest good for all.” BV: On defining your life purpose

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