I am a home sharer, a host if you will and the creator of the Sharing Heals project. Sharing Heals is a collection of transformational stories, insights and more from sharing. I started sharing my home on #airbnb in 2011 after a series of economic downturns. I had my first AH-HA experience when I met my first family as a host. I was scared and vulnerable not knowing what to expect. I put myself out there to get over my fears. Fears someone violating me or my home, not having enough resources to sustain or being judged for having to share. All these ideas and fear-based programming left when I gave my first guest a hug and welcomed them into my home.

Now, years into it I found a series of healings that happen for me and my guests as we shared stories of personal challengesbrandi-veil_sharing-economy-is-healing-our-world-article, fun and excitement that the sharing economy is allowing us to explore. More travel, less money and time to do the things we want to do based on technology, friendships with global friends and more.

“We are Economic Transformation” means to me, that we have an unlimited supply of currency right inside us. We are being given the opportunity through sharing to create the world we want to live. Our time is immeasurable, yet the system has been able to monetize our “life-time” for the use of products and service. Now is the time to use sharing experiences to shift the consciousness on this planet while earning an income. Being authentic, being trustworthy, being kind, responsible, loving, eccentric, creative and more all have a value redeemable in the new marketplace through sharing. I believe Sharing Heals is a launchpad for an economic shift in how we consume, earn, learn and burn our resources for the greater good.

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