“Bloka sha ka mand rolhola monsita rombaka, oh shandaka!

When I was growing up, I attended a christian service where it was not uncommon for the service attendees to dance in the spirit and SPEAK in tongues. When you are 10 years old this is very strange but because it felt right I did it and I danced in the sprit with the rest of the congregation. 
Over time and as I become more aware of what “tongues” are I can reflect and I am able to have insight.
As I was writing this post on Facebook (I love FB) titled, ‎”Bloka sha ka mand rolhola monsita rombaka, oh shandaka!” I asked the spirit, God almighty to rain forth the beauty for all humans and all things. Make it known to the eye so that we can see during the illusion of reality! Utter from our WORDS the connection of all possibility, one-for-all-and-all-for-one. I weep knowing this truth and that this is so, my heart just knows. BV: On higher vibratory tones that we call “words”.
It hit me, the ah ha moment!
Tongues were supposed to be the higher communication with GOD. “It was a secret language that know one knew but God. It was a private conversation.” That is what I was told. I just remember it was enlightened and it made me feel really good and a release of sorts would happen when this “tongue” was spoken. Over time and during my studies I have come to the conclusion that these “tongues” were doing the following..
Sound wave frequencies and the purpose of all humanity would change based on vibratory rates. You see when we use vibration through what we call “words” or “language” we are in connection with one another thats called communication. Sound connects to opposite person , they digest, receive and respond- connection or communication occurs.  And when we communicate we FEEL a certain way, which makes us react and manifest different material form in our life. Imagine that  you use a lower tone to communicate with your loved one stating  “I hate you!”. It breaks the soul, it breaks the persons vibratory make up and breaks down the body and spirit, disengaging them and making them feel low self-worth and over time they make the planet feel low self-worth and over time all humanity has less worth.
These tones emasculate and LOWER the entire planetary vibratory existence’s. For example: Use your breath, breath in… hold and release the breath using this sound – HU (Hue) or OM (OMMMMMM). as the sound vibrates through your vocals creating sound wave frequency adjoining  like frequencies in the body, lifting the cellular make up and dislodging the hold in the cells taking them from a coagulated state and putting them into motion. Making you feel more health or a buzzing, but higher altogether.
Now, imagine that the earth and it natural evolution as well as humans, and our evolutionary goal is to transform using this same principle of higher frequency. However, if humans are still using lower vibratory frequencies (in word form), this could cause the earth, us included, to be in a holding pattern and not in flow and we would experience DRAMATIC SHIFTS verse a flowing experience.
For example: The stock market crash. Had we been using higher frequencies with in the human mind and in flow with the highs and lows, would we have experienced such great economical down turn or would we have surrendered to the change because our frequencies were in alignment with the field of that time. In other words, if you are in a higher vibratory state would you have known the market was going to fall? Your body would have been in tune with the frequency and your intuition would have made you more aware and potentially causing you to “feel” like taking your money out, saving you the impact or FORCED evolutionary change that most did experience during the loss. That was a FORCED shift, and most have suffered because of that shift.
All and all, going back to the “secret language called tongue” I am beginning to feel that this spoken “tongue” was a vibration with the planet and higher frequencies and has been in perfect alignment all along. We are and have always been trying to raise the frequency of this planet and all along it has been in our WORDS. Which translate into communication, which translates into higher awareness and openness, which translates to greater health, which translates to love for one’s self, which translate to love for one another, which translates to love for the planet and love for all things raising life’s experience and humanity for the overall evolutionary GOOD!
May we choose our words wisely. Perhaps we choose to use words that are of forward motion, like striking the word “NEED” – which states there is a lack which pushes the vibration in to not having. Should you use “I would I LIKE to…” instead of NEED, your more likely to have an immediate emotional exchange of already having and there for “it” is on its way..Be conscious about your words.
*** interesting note: speaking in tongues produced the same results in scientific study as those in deep relaxation, or deep sleep. So tongue speaking is not due to increased mental effort. It is due to relaxing the mind.

Now, this does take practice so be patient with yourself and .. and with others as they make better choices with their words. Dont judge them, guide them by your example. Over time the old pattern will have diminished and higher frequencies will have penetrated the atmosphere allowing for greatness to be present!
I love you all and I love our NEW WORLD! Possibilites are endless as well as our supply. 
WWTA 88:080511
 *co·ag·u·late  (k-gy-lt) v.tr.To cause transformation of (a liquid or sol, for example) into or as if into a soft, semisolid, or solid mass.
1. Make (a person, idea, or piece of legislation) weaker or less effective.
2. Deprive (a man) of his male role or identity: “he feels emasculated because he cannot control his sons’ behavior”