About SEED Us Society

SEED Us is a society of impact investors and innovators who align through mission-driven projects and curated experiential, wellness events, which successfully aims to bring creatives, spiritualists, executives, musicians and industry thought leaders together to steward in the for-benefit economy.

Founder of Being Investments and creator of SEED Us Society Brandi Veil says “a society” that is focused on mission- driven impact can shift culture and impact the world for the better! SEED Us Society’s funding culture creates unique opportunities and experiences that cultivate change and is rewarding to the human spirit and the bottom-line. Health and wellness can be the drivers of the influence marketplace but first, you must experience it to have a cultural shift. If you can influence culture, you can influence the markets! Social Funding for GOOD! Join SEED Us Society today.

Memberships Nomination Interview Contact: Yuki Swan| | seedussociety@gmail.com

Media/Sponsorship Contact:
Henry Eshelman | Lucy Rendler Kaplan +1.323.337.9042 heshelman@platformgrp.com | arkaylucy@gmail.com