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Mindful Mentor Program

“Starting with one, you can change many, impact a nation and even the world.”

About Brandi Veil

Founder and CEO of Being Investments specializing in developing holistic business ventures and a mindful leadership culture for global change.


Brandi’s executive coaching and CEO Mentorship program not only helps her clients in business development but sets a mindful practice as the foundation for success. With over a decade working in the Hollywood hospitality and entertainment industry, Brandi saw a need for a shift in mainstream business leadership. One that would put mindfulness, spirituality and business development at the forefront of all her business development and training. In her previous work at CEO and founder of event location and production agency, she has worked with many well-known entertainers curating, producing, managing and edutainment events with Michael Beckwith, Pink, Steve Aoki, Lebron James, Jackie Chan and many more producing and developing events, marketing, pr and educational platforms as edutainment.

She is a true believer in the new economy, sustainable, whole systems including digital currency and rewards systems to help promote the global marketplace. She has spent her life studying western to eastern philosophies, she is a certified holistic health practitioner; in Yoga and meditation, quantum field energetics including Reiki, and (NLP) NeuroLinguistics Integrative Therapy. Brandi is a visionary and futurist helping balance the fate of our future by educating groups on the importance of daily practice as a step towards social and global goals for a better world.

Her vision for helping leaders achieve their goals is based on personal development principles, neuroscience, and mindful practice. 

She is a big thinker, she believes everything is energy, which can be applied with technology for social change. Her philosophy is “starting with one, you can change many and impact global a nation and even the globe.


Founder of Being Investment and Being Media Group has spoken at TEDx NYC Women’s Conference, United Nations and many other platforms on ancient wisdom, wellness, meditation, leadership, social impact, and empowerment.

Brandi Veil is highly intuitive with structured disciplines that help people evolve in a short amount of time.

* Personal & Professional Development
* Meditation, Yoga and Energy Balancing
* Work-Life Balance Retreats
* Strategy, Visioning, and Project Consulting
* Joint Venture and Partnership Acumen

* Mindfulness in the Digital Age
* Meditation and the Value of Intuition
* Millionaire Brain Yoga
* Emotional Intelligence: EI=AI

Edutainment based learned and transformation speaking includes topics: Focus, Breathwork, Movement, Neuroscience, and Philosophy.


*TEDx Women’s Conference
*United Nations (WIT) World Infomation Transfer Conference on Environment and Health
*Women Investing in Women / State of Women Inauguration
*AEG on Sustainable Event Planning
*What_if 360, Lucidity Festival on Finacial Liberation
*FestFwd on Charity Brands
*Love Your Life Weekend Ritz Carlton
*Winter Music Conference of Emerging Markets for Change
*Spirit Summit

and many more…