Brandi is a visionary and thought leader who is deeply connected to our pupose on the planet. Being a visionary, for Brandi means seeing our future as continues stream of consciouness, here to serve the greater good! Her visions, ideas, and concepts for pepole, organizations, and instuitution are geared towards lasting change starting with “you” the individual and feeds the whole economy and collaberative world.

Former CEO of an event mangement company responcible for developing consumer targeted marketing campigns for major studios and advertising agencies around the globe. As a leader in event and brand marketing, with years of holistic practice and transfomative events, Brandi’s helps clients bring their passion in to the marketplace by creating a “soul product. Her Intuive business coaching program goes beyond personal development and into the workplace where she advise on how to form business plan, executive teams, board of advisiors, seed capital and fundrasing, to brand concept and collaterals preparing them to launch their business.

Reki and Matrix Energetics Atunement (Healing and Chakra Balancing): Reiki is a method of practice that uses scienctific matrix, unique coding through hand movement and energetic waves to release the body, mind and spirit from subtel energy blocks.

Stradegist: Great ideas in to action steps and goalsetting as a foundation for success.

Intuitive Career Coaching: A blend of personal development and business strategy through the act of meditation, mindfulness and energy readings.