Authentic Leadership, What does it mean really?

I hear it all the time “remember to be authentic” or “Brandi, you are so authentic” Sometimes, I want to laugh, and other times it feels like a like I am a part of a clan of authentic people. Is that even possible?Wouldn’t that make us unique individuals?

Then one day, Judi Glova creator of Authentic Leadership shared with me her personal values around leadership and asked me what it meant to be an Authentic Leader? Well, I wasn’t about to say what I just said, so I shared the absolute truth– it means putting it all on the table! Nothing gets left behind; you don’t quit until your mission is delivered to the right people that can support your eternal truth!

To me being “authentic” is a bit catchy but being a “leader from the heart” is genuine and real. Nothing can stop a leader from the heart and if that’s what makes me “authentic,” then I guess authentic really is authentic.

I am honored to share my gift of Millionaire Brain Yoga and brain activations on the summit along with twenty-seven other leaders who lead from the heart. The one thing I do know is that Judy put together an empowered group of authentic, leading from the heart speakers and I am proud to support her practice.

Please join me on April 10th for my interview. I will be giving away Six Steps to the Millionaire Brain PDF.

 Summit begins April 3-24th Register Here


  • Jairek Robbins – Live It! Achieve Success By Living With Purpose
  • Hale Dwoskin –The Sedona Method (and many related CDs and DVDs), The Secret, movie
  • Chantal Burns — Instant Motivation: The Surprising Truth Behind What Really Drives Tops Performance
  • Rorion Gracie – CEO, Gracie Jiu-jitsu Academy; Co-founder of UFC; author of Gracie Diet
  • Drs. Mary and Ron Hulnick – University of Santa Monica, authors of Loyalty to Your Soul and Remembering the Light Within
  • R. Michael Anderson – Software Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author of Soul-Centered Leadership
  • Scott Coady –  Institute for Embodied Wisdom
  • Joe Gerstandt — Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationship
  • Sam Hazledine– Executive Chairman, MedWorld, New Zealand
  • Aura Imbarus — Educator, Speaker & author of Out of Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love & Identity
  • Jim Jermanok —  Beyond the Craft: What You Need to Know to Make A Living CreativelyMaking Your Projects Happen: Successful Film/TV Producing and Financing
  • Bill Joiner & Debra Whitestone – Changewise, Leadership Agility
  • Cynthia Kersey – CEO and Founder, The Unstoppable Foundation, author of Unstoppable, and Unstoppable Women
  • Michelle Lederman – 11 Laws of Likability
  • Daina Middleton – Grit Meets Grace
  • Barb Patterson – Innate Leadership expert
  • Roger Pearman – Hardwired for Leadership, I’m Not Crazy I’m Just Not You, Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness, Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types in Organizations
  • Penney Peirce – The Intuitive Way; many other books
  • Stephen McGhee – Get RealClimb to FreedomLearning to Believe The Unbelievable
  • Kevin Monroe – Profiles of Purpose: Stories of High Achievers Who Chose a Higher Purpose
  • Renee Piane — Get Real About Love
  • Christopher John Stubbs – CEO and founder, Ascension
  • Brandi Veil – Transformational Speaker, Executive Mindset Coach
  • Brian Whetten – Yes, Yes, Hell No! 


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