Awakening 101: What is happening to me??

Dear Friends, Followers and New World Beings,

Can you feel it? Something is different…what is this you may ask? You may have heard of the Awakening or the Shift? The meaning I present to you is not something outside of you, it is in you and NO one will be left with out the experience.

Feeling confused, need direction, feeling blah, nothing coming. Need a change? Welcome to the beginning of your AWAKENING.

I have experienced a WORLD WIND OF multi-dimensional-cultural-spiritual experiences over the last 8 years, a journey through transformation and self-realization. I have uncovered some of the most beautiful and challenging realities. Change in career, friends, style, motherhood while watching my son grow into a man, change in personal relationships — and deciding who will be right for my ever changing self and now moving into what I like to call “Act II” fearlessly and with COURAGE as a WOMEN and conscious leader.

My Awakening Story (or some of it..) I began this journey after a car accident in 2005. Near death experience. I was in a coma for 3 days and woke up to a new type of life. One of pain, resentment and remorse. It was only until this year while writing my biography and life’s timeline, that I looked back at the EXACT moment I asked for change. I recall the minute where I walked out of my home after an argument with my then boyfriend went downstairs and was holding a book I purchased from the then trendy Bodhi Tree Book Store with a picture of the Tree of Life. I looked up to the sky and I asked GOD, “please God take me out of this story.” 2months later I was in the accident which then lead me to discover what true healing was. Most of my life I was sick. I took a pill for everything. Headache- Tylenol, Stomachache- the pink stuff, couldn’t deal with life- Martini.. the list went on. It wasn’t till I actually had to take pills for pain that I didn’t want to take them so I began to look for ALTERNATIVES.

 My AWAKENING began when I asked my self , higher self or my faith. I believed that my story was better than the one I currently had. THEN IT HAPPENED…. I was being woke up at 4am to research energy, I was guided to Reiki and yoga sites, holistic practices, herbs and energetic healing site online and communities. I knew something was changing. I believed and I took my power away from the doctors and I began to defy what they prescribed. I began to run again, do yoga and heal.

We all have been or will be given the moment where we decide to change our life. Albeit for a brief minute or for ever. During this time, a time of TRANSFORMATION you will have shifts that will give you opportunity to make the change..ask for help. Seek guidance. You do not have to go through life alone or with a glazed overview of what life could be like. For every shift that our planet makes you will have more opportunity to ask, but know that this time is not like any other time before. SOME ARE CALLING IT THE GREAT AWAKENING… Im just saying. 😉

Symptoms of awakening: 
Change in; Sleep patterns,Work, Health, Relationship(s), Living arrangements, Fiances, Body and Mental shifts.

As a practitioner working with energy or “prana”, and as a testimony to my story the key to change is believing that there is something greater but it begins with your ask.

If any of what you read resonates with you and you would like help with your energetic body and to assit you during this time, please contact me. I know what its like not to know where to start. My life’s work is to be a guide and seed light where it is needed.

May love, light and divine spirit guide you.
Brandi aka BLove

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