Collaborative, Sharing and Peer to Peer Resources

brandi veil sharingWondering what is happening in the world of the sharing, collaborative and peer to peer economy? Automotive, hospitality, retail, technology, entertainment and media–the landscape is changing rapidly. In a survey, Dec. 17, 2014 – Dec. 22, 2014 PWC sampled US consumers who have some familiarity with the sharing economy. This sample cut across age, income, region and gender. The bulk of their questions were asked of the 44% of respondents who are familiar with the sharing economy and 56% were not. Are you wondering why these opportunities are important? From my perspective, when you engage in these systems you have an opportunity to connect with peers. You can make the most of it and share, learn or earn using the new economy. Personally, there are two sides to every coin. One for and one against change in the economic system. “I think the thing about the sharing economy is we still don’t know what it is yet.” Milicent Johnson, Peers

Find out for yourself. Enjoy..

– Brandi Veil

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