Freer, Lighter and More Fluid..Yes, its possible!

Advancement… is the theme for today! When we feel a pull from left to right one decision to the next and there is a struggle, an uncomfortable delineation, we are being given a chance to reflect. Simple reflection can be a opportunity to get back on track with your personal advancement. Sometimes we continue to do things in the vein of completion, only to forget we will never get “it” done. Our life is based on experience. If we remain an observer of our reality, while not being attached to loss of the old and excited about the new than we can continue on the route to happiness and excitement. This allows us to vibrate at a higher frequency, in turn bringing like frequencies into your reality. 
For today, step outside of your story and observe what maybe be pulling you. Allow yourself to choose to release the hold or the block that you are not losing something, but gaining a new perception. This concept will allow you to be freer, lighter and more fluid in your decision making allowing room in you life for other “things”. These “things” are here to support your journey on the road to advancement. 
Definition: Advancement
A forward step; an improvement. 2. Development; progress: the advancement of knowledge. 3. A promotion, as in rank. 4. The act of moving forward.
BV: On moving forward in balance

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