Healing and Revealing: A message to you from the higher dimensional realms.(yep!)

Word Alchemy and Channeling by Brandi Veil:

“Shhhhhhhh be still, pause it’s coming…. wait in peace, the answers are near. Are you ready? Are they ready? Whats to come is a great responsibility, I ask you ARE YOU READY? As the seeker seeks, divine order orchestrates a great symphony. A symphony lead by the greatest composer–you. “You see that a man is justified by works and not by faith alone” James 2:24 once said by Martin Luther King. A great great time is amongst us. Your introspection guides the light through and towards the great “paradium”. The now is no longer and hast come to pass, and the dream in which we ALL seek is come to the now. WAKE UP. This is your truth. Know your true wisdom and allow it to shine through you unto others so that they may shine unto others. Hath all things of form create trepidation, know that all is in order and perfectly planned.” BV: On Channeling wisdom, guidance and truth from the higher dimensions 

For most of you, you might be asking “What in the world is she speaking about?” There are times when I stop in my tracks and must write what is coming through. I have an extreme list of tasks today, and this stopped me to share with you. I can’t tell you how or why, but I can say it is a must do. I am honored to share this story with you because I know that each day we all have something inside of us yearning to come out. And by means of our economy, we may not be able to express our true nature. We may not even hear the calls. I hope that each of you take my words / our words, and see them as a unique expression of God, Source and Love. 

“My heart and soul is constantly in motion with you in mind. 
I love not thee for anything else other than your 
true beauty.” ~Blove

Below are definitions of some words I had to look up as they came in from channeling. I hope you use them and see this unique expression as truth. Go and PLAY like you have NEVER PLAYED BEFOR in the symphony of life!

Brandi Veil aka BLove
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(a fun way to read this blog is to go back and plug in the words with the definition)

New World Term: “paradium”

I had to look this up as it came to me..you will not find this in the dictionary and wiki does not have it….

Paradium meaning: Something from my dream said over and over.

*BV Notes:
It derives from Paradigm in which references “a typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model”. “Paradium” (new word) is a convergence of patterns from the not yet formed (formless). Paradium by definition is “something said INA DREAM over and over.”

My interpretation is that a DREAM is a 4-5th dimensional world being ensued by reality. DREAMS forming into reality enable manifestation, time travel and creation. (Swehh.. I tell that was not easy)

Paradium: Something from my dream said over and over

Paradigm: par·a·digm (p r -d m , -d m ). n. 1. One that serves as a pattern or model. 

Trepidation (Noun): A feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen. Trembling motion.

Ensued: En·sued, en·su·ing. 1. to follow in order; come afterward, especially in immediate succession.

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