P2E Games Guild Scholarships

Calling all Scholars, Strategic Partners, VCs, Brands, and Games REWARDS partners…we want you!


Brandi Veil is the CMO of Avisa Games Guild onboarding strategic partners, VCs, games, brands, and institutions. She is passionate about education and focused on P2E, Learn-to-Earn supporting financial literacy, upskilling, and overall health.

Avisa Games Guild

Avisa Games Guild – A Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and a gaming hub focused on providing users with a metaverse full of P2E Games. 🔥🔥🔥

  As a guild, our primary intention remains towards developing the blockchain gaming ecosystem by creating the world’s biggest virtual gaming economy, optimizing its community-owned assets to ensure maximum utility, and sharing its profits with its token holders. 💰🚀


AGG’s Key Features

🔹GUILD PORTAL – A Personalized Dashboard For Scholars And Managers That Would Enhance Tracking & Management Of Assets.

🔹GUILD REWARDS –  Play And Earn Exclusive Guild Rewards In Addition To In-Game Rewards.

🔹YIELD GUILD – Stake $AGG To Earn Yield, Participate In DAO, Voting Rights, Exclusive NFTs Etc.

🔹GAME MARKETPLACE – Platform That Brings Together Games, Gamers, And Crypto Enthusiasts To Trade Exclusively Game NFT Assets.

🔹GAMEFI TOOLS  – Integrated Guild Management Tools To Enhances Players’ Performance.

🔹GAME LAUNCHPAD – Incubator & Launchpad Exclusively For NFT Games And Designed To Be Chain-Agnostic.

We encourage the following:

🔸 Scholarships.

🔸 Blockchain Gaming Projects.

🔸 NFT Marketplaces.

🔸 Metaverse.

🔸 Gaming Hub.


☘️Official Strategic Partners: Polygon Studios, Momentum Fund, MDex, gDex, Gotbit Foundation.

☘️Official Game Partners: SolChicks, Demole, ElpisBattle, Placewar, EpikoRegal, WidiLand, Happy Land, MechMaster, FOTA, KatanaInu, Poriverse, SoulsOfMeta, CEBG, Revoland, Faraland

☘️Official Guild Partners: Gamic Guild, RageFan, MetaXseed, ManaGames, Tavern DAO

Avisa Games Guild’s Social Links & Docs

📄  WhitePaper (https://docs.avisagamesguild.com/)

🔗  Website(https://avisagamesguild.com/)

🔗  PitchDeck (https://docsend.com/view/432n8rn3eh5zzs58)

🔗  Discord (http://discord.gg/BE2JjZchVU)

🔗  Twitter(https://twitter.com/AvisaGuild)

🔗  Telegram chat (https://t.me/AvisaGuild)

🔗  Telegram Ann (https://t.me/AvisaGuildAnn)