Purpose and Life Mission a story about a girl traveling through Art, Music, Media and More!!

Aristotle once said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”. 
A year ago July 23, 2012, I received my mission and purpose. I am grateful for all those who have helped and are helping make the vision come true. My mission, as the voice spoke to me and said.. “write the book, it will be the business plan for all people”. This book will be the basic structures of life and all that has come before and to pay attention to the structures because they are good, its the content that has hindered the evolution of mankind. 

 My journey has led me down so many paths this past year. Philanthropy and the converging worlds of proactive and reactive-local to global realities, Transformational Music Festivals to understand the nature and tribes, Electric Dance Music (EDM) to see the changing generation and see how they move and connect through music to one-another, South of France and Cannes Film festival to revisit my past of luxury and the elite to understand how media and fashion connect people at all levels, Art a formless intelligence that has always been limitless.  I am truly grateful for all the work, tears, fears, love and experiences that I have had this year. 

My process has been to listen to sounds of my guides directing me, there are many of you that have shown up as my angles, see the vision of the future now in and out of the waves of time connecting the pieces into the creation and seeing how humans connect through music, art, film and more. My studies of harmonics and energy has been my tools along the way. They helped me understand how to form the pathways that will fill the structures of the past with clear direction, intelligence, cohesiveness, co-operative and unifying traits that are of the new world. My travels of transformation have brought me new global operations leaders, politicians, celebrities, producers, artist, musician, film makers, friends, laughter, celebration and a love for all things reveling whats to come. Its looks beautiful. Ahh, it is so beautiful. 

Experiencing films that penetrate the mold of my existence, allowing me to see more and more of my true self as I too have been being transformed in order to bring the GOOD NEWS. Letting go of my fears, and actualizing abundance. Accepting vulnerability and that I have always been taken care. Manifesting travels to do the work even though my pockets were empty in order to remember I AM. Falling in love every day. Falling out of self and into one true nature of OMNI presence. All this and more, I am grateful for EVERY FIRST AND LAST, BEGINNING AND ENDLESS. 

Now, I must move forward in my knowing, no doubt, no fear and with true love and the DEEP KNOWING that a new world is here, and to some yet to be scene. To all my etheric brothers and sisters I say to you this, “You are grand creators, and you know the truth, and light as It forms in you, bring the GOOD NEWS to all. Anchor truth–law, order, justice, harmony, wisdom and abundance you are a limitless supply. Go and directed with the intention to rain upon all creations your love and knowing for ever more. See your tomorrow TODAY! I LOVE YOU…


Brandi M. Veil,
Healer,Producer,Consultant & Public Speaker

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