Awakening 101: Does it feel like EVERYTHING is being stripped away?


My typical process prior to seeing a healing client is to set up my healing center with a clear intention to honor whatever is unveiled during a session.

I lower the lights, put music on to enhance meditation, bless the house with a prayer or ritualistic mantra as I walk around the entire space infusing it with sage. I light the 3 candles outside on my porch and I place my hands on a selenite quartz brought from Red Rock, NV that helps clear existing frequencies from my own day. It is my favorite part of the day, because I know something is about to reveal itself in the next session and my greatest joy is to greet my client as they enter into a space of tranquility and openness.

I have, over the last 7 years, been changing. I have gone through some of the most extraordinary shifts. I have gone through being a swimwear model to being a mother and hardcore business-minded entrepreneur and very much into the Hollywood Red Carpet scene to a “Burner” from my 2010-2012 Burning Man experiences to a devoted contributor of sharing a deep understanding of human expansion through unity and unconditional love with those wanting to explore it.

Over the last 2 years I have encountered some of the harshest realities. It has taken and will continue to take an unraveling to try and truly understand the person who “I THOUGHT” I was to the person “Who I Truly Am”.

There is something profound happening, a shift, a very REAL shift. For most of the evolved humans a stripping away of old patterns is happening. Most seekers of the higher relams are experiencing the “rug pulled out from under” us. This reality has hit me head on. For exampale: I call upon divine guidance and I get unresolved negative burdens. I call upon clarity and I get confusion. What can all this mean? Every time a door opens it seems to close.

Now I know because of all the practice I have done that these earthly things are my creation. That doesn’t make them less real. They are very real. I am as you are ….very real! I hurt, I cry, I fear, I  laugh, I love and I will eventually die. What makes this story interesting is that because I am empathetic and human I am continually on the leading edge of thought. It may not be my original thought but it becomes mine. Consider the possibility that your hardship may not be yours and that there are overruling energies that can create a vibrational pull or rather (pool) of confusion– I call them I-DEAS or GOSSIPERS in my head. What if your idas are not really yours? Imagine you are walking in a room, you feel fine and then all of a sudden you get a headache or you’re dizzy or you feel sick to your stomach or you have a thought and that thought is of anger or fear or lack of something. But because you are not aware or not tuned-in to this type of thinking, you think ….”hmm, that’s my thought or I don’t feel well?”.

I am writing you today to share that there are people, places and things that can direct you without your knowledge. And these distractions can rule your life if you do not tune in to this fact. Most gurus, healers, practitioners and mentors will tell you to “meditate”. I will tell you meditate! Meditation is one of the only things I have that allows me to define which energies (thoughts, feeling, emotions) are mine and which ones are not. I can clear the energies and address them and why they are there. If I do not meditate and ask for clear direction, then I am in a place where my direction is driven by all things and not by my own will.

There is a practice that is proven to allow you to individualize your life’s purpose, but if you are driving someone else’s wagon or bearing the burden of someone else’s thoughts and actions, you may be living an entirely different life. One that may or may not be your direct path to enlightenment. I am sure there are hundreds of studies out there to help you understand the importance of meditation but I am going to add one more.


You feel sick, confused, alone, worried, sad, depressed, anxious, repressed and lost…If you have at any time felt one of these feelings, then note that these emotions are your guides. As any guide would do, any GOOD guide, they will get you on the right path. If you have trees and potholes in your path, well its up to you to notice them, address them and address them. How do you do that you may ask?… Meditation.

Our emotions guide us. Whether or not we are willing to be guided is up to us, however, and our emotions say, “Hey, follow me.. yes, that feels good and no, that does not feel good.” We also can have emotions that are triggered from our reactive memories that can play tricks on us. I have a technique that will help to clear these mis-directed emotions, it’s called TRUTH. 🙂 You thought I was going to have some magical system didn’t you! Nope. By being honest with yourself you can uncover most emotions and most of anything else with truth. For example..You have a decision to make. You ask the universe or your guides “How does that feel?” and you would get a reply. Trust me on this. When you tune into your emotions and ask how do I feel, you may experience feelings  that are uncomfortable. Feelings of concern,worry, remorse or regret can become present and can be challenging. But once you uncover these less than awesome feelings, you will begin to release and create space for– possibility, excitement, curiosity, and fulfillment.

In order to uncover the lower frequency emotions not vibrating at the highest level to make room for more evolved frequencies, we must address them. You cannot evolve unless you allow your emotions  to surface. It is an absolute, that in order to have power over our life we have to reveal our weakness. Change is inevitable and the possibility of a greater you is waiting for you to process and let go.

Basic Meditation to get in tune with your emotions:

  • Close your eyes
  • Feel your breath in and out
  • Notice the weight of your body
  • Notice your feet, your legs, your hips, your heart and your head
  • Breathe
  • Focus between your brows
  • Vision your future-self, ask your future-self to guide you and to show you the path of your best and most wonderful self
  • Notice where your mind travels and follow the path
  • Allow the story to take you through thoughts and your emotions
  • Address your thoughts and emotions with honor that they exist
  • Breathe in with the thought of allowing room for growth and convert the weakness to be your strength.
  • Send that strength to the globe and to the universal family
  • Hold your heart and give that strength of guidance back to yourself
  • Close with a big breath of life and then exhale in gratitude that it is already done.

Please use this technology to guide you, you may choose any path but make the choice!!
Love and light and in service,

Brandi Veil aka Blove

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