Ultimate Improvement in Focus & Concentration

I want to share this touching text message, that came through the other day after Monday Mantras. This is a friend I have to know for over 10years.

Before you read this, know that not everyone finds meditation easy. You may be that person. If so, read this. Monday Mantras work and they can work for you too!

via text message:

“Love you so much. It’s very eerie. I wonder how many people tell you this and/or have the same connection. Of course, I believe ours is special, but I have to imagine you have many “special” relationships. And now for my story…

I have been trying hard to “meditate” as of lately. I had made a commitment to find 15 minutes a day for one month straight. I say “meditate” because I am just trying to quiet my brain and so I attempt to spend 5 minutes or so a couple times a day in quiet, just focused on breathing. I am a week into it and it has been going fairly well. I occasionally use an audio to get me through some longer periods of “quiet.” So I was very much looking forward to using your Monday Mantra this week, to do the same. Well, Monday’s are not great for me to do too much personal stuff. It’s the only day I have an assistant. So I really crunch Monday to try and get as much done and make the rest of my week easier. Yesterday was not too productive. I felt sort of lack of inspiration. (more…)

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Mantra for Peace, Happiness and Freedom

Peace, Happiness, and Freedom “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” is commonly associated with the Jivamukti Yoga School. It translates to “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” This mantra focuses on the […]

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Authentic Leadership, What does it mean really?

I hear it all the time “remember to be authentic” or “Brandi, you are so authentic” Sometimes, I want to laugh, and other times it feels like a like I am a part of a clan of authentic people. Is that even possible?Wouldn’t that make us unique individuals?

Then one day, Judi Glova creator of Authentic Leadership shared with me her personal values around leadership and asked me what it meant to be an Authentic Leader? Well, I wasn’t about to say what I just said, so I shared the absolute truth– it means putting it all on the table! Nothing gets left behind; you don’t quit until your mission is delivered to the right people that can support your eternal truth!

To me being “authentic” is a bit catchy but being a “leader from the heart” is genuine and real. Nothing can stop a leader from the heart and if that’s what makes me “authentic,” then I guess authentic really is authentic.

I am honored to share my gift of Millionaire Brain Yoga and brain activations on the summit along with twenty-seven other leaders who lead from the heart. The one thing I do know is that Judy put together an empowered group of authentic, leading from the heart speakers and I am proud to support her practice.

Please join me on April 10th for my interview. I will be giving away Six Steps to the Millionaire Brain PDF.

 Summit begins April 3-24th Register Here



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Excellence Mindset Strategy

Join me Thursday, March 30 for Excellence Mindset Strategies in Los Angeles, CA!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle “

This quote reminds me of the concept of patterns in our life. If you take a good look at your patterns, measure them for one month and see what is most prominent you can choose to do more of that pattern or less. If you want to achieve a goal, you must add consistent messaging time and time again throughout your day to program these reminders in order to imprint on your brain. And over time your neurology ties together (synapses), or rather create patterns which can create a habit.

Excellence is in most cases, is a mindset (ideally healthy habits).


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Change Your Brain With Millionaire Brain Yoga

Have you hear about my program that is changing peoples’ brain? It’s called Millionaire Brain Yoga. Millionaire Brian Yoga is a practice that uses a blend of mindfulness, Yogi philosophy, and experiential edutainment to enhance human intelligence and positively transform the lives of its participants. When you practice Millionaire Brain Yoga mantras, you will access […]

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Changing Your Career

One of the biggest hurdles I faced in my career was having to start all over. I decided to go in a direction that was the polar opposite. One of the biggest blocks in achieving success was not knowing where to focus 100% of my attention during the transition. After years of telling myself, I […]

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The Business of Live, Serve and Work with Purpose

Recently, the WSJ article notes wellness programs can help employers reduce not only absenteeism but also “presenteeism” (you’re at work but not maximally productive), habits that collectively cost U.S. employers an estimated $36B a year in lost productivity. Corporate wellness is not water cooler talk any more. There is a real science behind the truth and […]

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3 Simple Steps for Letting Go of the Past

Do you ever hurt down deep inside, get sad or angry over something from the past? Of course, you do, if you didn’t, I would suggest checking your pulse. When you revisit your actual problems in real time, by closing your eyes and going back to that very moment and seeing and feeling exactly what […]

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Masterminds Behind the Massive Music Festival Industry @AboutFest

On November 22-24, the masterminds behind the massive music festival industry will converge in Santa Barbara, California for FestForward – a one-of-a-kind interactive business-to-business conference and networking event for music, film, and food + wine + beer festival organizers being held at The Fess Parker Resort. The three-day conference will feature countless speakers such as […]

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Success is not the result, it’s the celebrations along the way.

“Success is not the result, success is the celebrations along the way.” Brandi Veil\ I am thrilled to offer my clients Integrative NLP as a part of my healing and coaching services. I am viewing success very different these days. I once thought success was the final result. It turns out it is not at […]

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